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Writing Fight Scenes

Writing Fight Scenes - Rayne Hall

I have been journal writing forever and have attempted short stories but never could get the rhythm for describing a fight scene.  I have been trying to write fantasy about animals in a real world and their behaviors. I love this book.  It will make the difference in my writing.


It is like a reference guide for all types of weapons, scenes and the focus of the fighters.  It describes the pit falls or blunders of what can go wrong in a fight scene.  I love the links to You Tube that gives the visual to the chapter you have just read. I love the following chapters: 15. Female Fighters, 16. Male Fighters and 17. Animals and Weres. I was unaware the difference between the male and female psyche where a woman is slower to initiate or respond and takes longer to come to a rest mentally.


If you need a boost in providing a more realistic fight scene this book is a must reference guide.


Writing Fighting Scenes by Rayne Hall is available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, GoodReads

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